Drones are not flown inside buildings, over large groups of people, in inclement weather, winds over 17 mph at ground level, or at night.

Drones can be flown at night or over people if an FAA waiver is obtained by the pilot. It takes approximately 90 to 120 days to obtain a waiver from the FAA.

Weddings / Engagement

Please contact us for a quote.

Price will include, travel time to and from the location(s), and all aerial photographs and / or videos taken with the drone.

The average price is $100.00 an hour

All photos and videos will be downloaded and if needed, edited for quality. We will make sure you get the best photos and videos we can offer.

We work independently from any other photographers. However, we will work with your photographer to come up with a game plan to get you the best aerial photographs we can.

Real Estate

Aerial Photography – $150.00 per session. What you get with the package is at least 5-6 different aerial angles, in-house photo correction, and up to 4 day turn around time.  

Aerial Video– $300.00 per session. What you get with the package is a 1-3 minutes of aerial video, Fully edited video with music, and a 5-6 day turn around time.

Aerial Photo / Video – $400.00 Per session. What you get with the package is, 1- aerial photo session, 1- aerial video session, in-house photo correction, fully edited video with music, and 5 -6 day turn around time.                                                                                                    

Please contact us ahead of time to schedule a session and discuss the details of the photo shoot.  Please advise what kind of session you would like.

Aerial Inspections

Please contact us with information pertaining to the location of the inspection and what needs to be inspected. An onsite visit may be required prior to giving a quote.

Other Jobs

If there is any other type of aerial photography or videography you need done, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will work with you to help get your project completed.

We look forward to working with you.